WoW Weaponsmithing Guide

Published: 14th September 2009
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Weaponsmithing is a trade skill specialization available to blacksmiths in World of Warcraft. Unlike its other blacksmithing counterpart, armorsmithing, weaponsmithing is divided into 3 sub-specializations: axesmithing, swordsmithing and hammersmithing.

A player may have a blacksmith character lean any one of the 3 sub-specializations, but a player's choice for his character will most likely depend on his own weapon preferences for the character, nor is it necessary for a weaponsmith to pick one of the sub-specializations.

As with all other trade skill specializations in the World of Warcraft, a player must complete one or more quests before the trainer will teach a character the patterns he has available. Before a character can become a weaponsmith, he must have a blacksmithing skill of at least 200 and a character level of 40. The alliance and horde quests are similar.

Starting the Alliance Weaponsmithing Quests
Alliance characters who wish to become weaponsmiths must visit Ironforge and speak to Ironus Coldsteel in Ironforge. This NPC will then put an alliance character on the necessary path to attain this trade skill specialization.

Starting the Horde Weaponsmithing Quests
Horde characters who wish to learn this specialization must head to Ogrimmar and speak to Bogrosh Corebender. The items required for the horde and alliance version quest are exactly the same. Once the character acquires the requested weapons they can be turned in to the NPC appropriate to the character's faction.

Items Required for the Weaponsmithing Quest:
4 Moonsteel Broadswords
4 Massive Iron Axes
2 Heavy Mitrhril Axes
2 Big Black Maces

Although the quest giver will tell a character that by choosing this specialization he may not learn armrorsmithing, the release of the Burning Crusade introduced a quest that allowed characters to change their specializations for 100 gold.

Characters who complete the quest for the weaponsmithing specialization can choose one of the sub-specializations mentioned above. The trainers who will train a character in a sub-specialization do not require payment. Players who want their character to learn axesmithing, swordsmithing, or armorsmithing need to head to Everlook in Winterspring. Even more importantly, an additional quest is not required to learn any of the three sub-specializations.

Weaponsmithing allows the character to make better weapons than a blacksmith who chose not to specialize or chose the armorsmithing specialization, but better weapon drops are found in the instances of the game. Specializations are not designed to bring in more money to a person who chooses a trade skill in World of Warcraft, but rather to enable them to make better equipment.
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