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Published: 17th September 2009
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When you are playing tibia arrive at a level ,that you would want to PK with other other one,of course this is one of the good and fast way to make more tibia money ,but the first thing you want to do out of main is choose the vocation "druid" and go to thais. Once you've arrived in thais temple you need to purchase yourself and antidote rune and probably a life fluid also. And from here you will want to go north from the temple untill you are just outside the thais gate, then you'll want to go west past the ancient temple untill you get to a small hole. Go down, and follow the path north east untill you can't go any more north east, go down the hole and there will be a scropian. Run past it and take the scale armor from the chest. (This is when you'll want the life fluid and antidote rune after you've left the cave with the scorpian.

From here on you should go get your free rod from the druids guild in eastern thais.

Now you'll want to go to Edron trolls and complete the brass legs quest, you can find it at Erigs tibiwiki.

From the trolls move south untill you get to the goblins caves, and complete the steel shield quest. You equipment should be thus far.

-Legion helmet (from rook)

-Scale armor

-Brass legs

-Steel shield

-snakebite rod

-leather boots

Now it's time for you to gain some fast levels.

Take the flying carpet in Edron to Darashia, and find a rot cave you can have to yourself (Prefferably to yourself because odds are you'll be killed on site by the other guy if he's a higher level)

Now you're going to want to stay in these caves untill level 13, and remember to stock up and cap all the gold possible, because you're going to need to buy your new spells.

go to the magic shop and buy a moonlight rod and your light healing, intense healing, find person, etc. and whatever else you can afford

Now you should go back into the rot caves, but this time, you'll be in there for gold, NOT exp. So grab all the gold you can and odds are you'll gain a level or two along the way.

So now you should have this so far...

-Legion Helm

-Scale armor

-Steel shield

-Moonlight rod

-Brass legs

-leather boots

And aprox. 1.5k in gp

Level 14-15

magic level 4-6

Now the fun begins.

Don't go to town and try and "team" with other newb characters like everyone else does because this RARELY pays off. Instead take the ship to carlin. Buy 1bp of mana fluids and a bit of food. Then buy as many hmm's as you can, probably only 2-3.

Then walk north-west from carlin and take the ship to folda (20gp)

Here will be your pking zone for the next little while. this is one of the number 1 newbie hunting and lootbagging zones for free accounts.

Head into the caves, and kill everyone on site (provided they aren't 5 or more levels higher) but if they're 1-3 levels higher odds are they aren't as prepared as you, and you'll get the exp. from killing them which is always a bonues. Once you've nearly run out of supplies, head to the northern west part of the island on the surface and wait for your PZ lock to go away.

Make your way back to carlin and sell your loot, to players or NPC's whatever the choice is yours.

Once you've done this a few times and saved up enough gold, you'll probably want to be getting better things then plate armors and dark helmets. So I suggest going back to Darashia rot caves and leveling to 25.

(Note at level 19 you can buy your new rod, volcanic, which is totally worth it so I suggest buying as soon as possible)

throughout all of these levels 15-25 Buy yourself plate set, steel helm, dwarven shield.

Now you should have this...

-Steel helm

-Plate Armor

-Plate Legs

-Dwarven Shield

-Volcanic Rod

-Leather Boots

level 25.

magic level 17-23

Head to Edron and buy yourself the "energy strike spell" -Exori vis-

And ultimate healing, ultimate haste, heal friend, and any others you can afford and think you might want or need.

Now you're going to want to spend all the money you have (should be about 5-10k)

on 1-2bp's mana potions

1bp hmm's

and Some UH's (5 should be enough)

Now look for a team to do the desert quest with you, and make sure they're all level 20ish and havn't done it, otherwise it could be a trap.

Now once you've all gone through and you've exited the desert quest, Hop up beside the nearest guy and hit him with as many energy strikes as you can before he moves away. Then start shooting at him with your Rod. He'll probably panic and run. So I want you to go on "follow while attack mode" And hit your hotkeys to fire off hmm's at him untill he's dead. Take his 10k + yours is 20k. Congratz

Note: DO NOT BUY A PROMOTION!!!!!!!!!!

This has to be the biggest mistake people make, is they rush off to get there promo right away then they have no more money for supplies.

trust me you'll make money soon enough

Now you're going to want to be taking down level 20-25 when you can, and ALWAYS kill every single level 20-8 on site when you're out in the wild. It's always good to get an extra plate armor or some gp's

Now you're going to want to spend the 20k on..

Backpack hmm's

Backpack UH's

2BP's mana fluids.

And then buy some assorted runes, (FF's, magic walls etc.)

Now bank the rest of your gold and get ready for some fun...

Now you're going to want to work out your own strategies, find out where people level 20-25 like to hunt in your world and find out ways to trap them. A great place is the cyclopse mountain, a lot of palladins and mages like to run the cycs down the narrow paths. It's a good place to trap people between the cycs, and if they manage to kill it before they die themselves, pop a magic wall in front of him and use energy strike untill he drops.

Good places to pk are...

Amazon Camp. (Venore, or tower north of carlin)

Elven Bane (provided there aren't any high levels around)

Rotworms in Darashia (Lots of people level from 20-30 here also)

Ofcourse there are many more, but you need to explore areas where people in your world like to hunt.

the best place to pk is in the wild because there is no PZ and odds are if they yell "PK" people will ignore it or not notice..

However for extra fun, you can pk people i town but I reccomend you make sure you can trust them first. It's great to work out strategies with team mates.

Like trapping someone right in front of the DP is always a good laugh.

Now, you're going to want to get to level 33(for high mana and you can get GFB).

Head to the tombs in Ankrahmun and bring lots of mana fluids and a few UH's. I suggest hunting the top floor of the tar pit tombs, just avoid the room with the beholder. Use your rod on ghouls and skellies, and use exori vis on shamblers. You can also hunt cyclopolis in edron or Liberty Bay carrion worms.

At level 33, I suggest you get UH(rune) spell, GFB spell, and HMM(rune).

Spend a few hours making a BP of each rune, and prepare for the huge money making.

Keep an eye open in thais for people shouting "Searching for desert quest team" And once you find them, keep an eye out, watch if they leave the city and follow them, but don't let them know you're tailing them specificly.

Once you know 100% sure the team is going into the quest, go to the dirt patch north of the desert where they exit.

Summon 2 fire elementals and stand about 5 spaces away from the patch.

when they come out, GFB the hell out of everyone, target the guy in the middle of the group and the FD's should hit them all, now usually the group will drop pretty fast and you won't have much problems, but now and then you'll get the experienced player Who UH's and either runs, or fights back. If the others are still alive and the person runs, let them be and finish the others. but if they're all dead, you can pursue for a few seconds, but don't get too far from the bodies, don't want those pesky lowbies finding 10k in each one

Then loot the corpses and head for the outlaw camp.

Go down into the little tavern under there and store all the money either

in a bag under the table or behind the back counter. Then go up top of the camp and wait on top of one of the towers for your PZ to leave.

After 15 min. Grab the money you stashed and head to venore. Dp the loot, buy new supplies and continue.

Once you've gotten rich, the best thing to do is either head to tombs and PG to level 40. then continue your pk's at the desert quest and other spots.

Another good way to pk lowbies fast in town is to summon 2 orc berserkers.

The newbs can't outrun them and they hit massive damage against them.

Thank you for your reading ,hope this guide can help you make much more tibia money and tibia itemsin the game!

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