Tibia Summoning Guide

Published: 18th August 2009
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Tibia summoning guide will teach you how to hunt efficiently with summons, I will cover the basics and a few advanced tricks for you and your summoned friends to try out. Of course you'll have to experience a little yourself to see what you prefer to use to hunt optimal. Summons get experience points too, although you will kill things faster, you will have to kill twice as many things to get the same amount of experience points. Most people in PvP worlds use summoned monks/ghouls to train on. Monks are used a lot for combat on PvP and non-PvP worlds.

As soon as you can you should summon a distance fighting monster (e.g. an elf scout). A distance fighting summon can be the difference between victory and defeated. For example when hunting minotaur guards, summon a minotaur archer to help you defeat him since a mage (druid or sorcerer) has poor combat skills. Minotaur guards are vulnerable against distance so the archer kills him.

For non-PvP worlds, summon a monster that can use large area attacks like GFB (Fire devil is the first) because these can hit large groups of enemies hard, you can do this on PvP but you may get hurt or kill yourself or others accidentally. A Strong melee summon is useful (lets take Orc berserker for example) because they give the mage a much needed close quarters damage. The ability to use different summons in Harmonia is a valuable skill. A mage has low attack, defence and even distance skills.


Depending on where you are hunting, the type of summon is important, for example, if you play on a non-PvP server and if you're hunting in a tomb, a Fire devil or Fire elemental will be good because you'll probably encounter enemies in groups. A monk and Orc Berserker is a nice, low level combo because the monk can heal and has a high defence for blocking, and an Orc Berserker has a high attack and is immune to the poison attacks of most of the tomb dwellers.

If you are outside in a large area you need a fast summon for close attacks, an Orc Berserker and a Monk once again is a good team to help you. But distance attacks, such as minotaur archers and maybe even a Fire Devil is also very useful. For areas where it's hard to move around, like port hope, Distance is vital because the summon may not get to the enemy, so once again, minotaur archers or fire devils are the monsters that suit you. If you are inside a cave then high attack is everything as you want to clear them all out as soon as possible; an Orc Berserker, Orc Leader or eventually a Demon Skeleton is suiting.


Using a summon to block is a good idea if you're hunting something more challenging then Rotworms. It can save you both time and money. All you need is some Intense Healing runes to heal your summon(s). You can also use ultimate healing runes, but for the most mages intense healing runes will be enough to get your summon back to his maximum health. If the monster you wish to block is melee reliant, then a monk is good because they heal. But then again if you want something with a lot of hitpoints, or at least a high defence take a demon skeleton instead. An Orc Leader has a decent amount of hitpoints and defence so they are a good average, if you don't know what to choose between a Monk and a Demon Skeleton.

If the monster uses breath or magic attacks, then you need something immune to that element, for example when you're dragons you can preferably summon a Demon Skeleton, they have a high defence and are immune to fire, so the dragon will have a hard time hitting it because its strongest attacks are worthless against the Demon Skeletons defence. This may also work for Hydras because they are also immune to poison but hydras hit harder so you will sue more IH's.

Test it yourself

There is only so much you can't find out from a guide. To find out what summons you need to feel comfortable, go test it out yourself. Happy hunting and good luck.


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