Tibia 's Knight Guide

Published: 04th September 2009
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When we are playing ,we all know that tibia 'knight is a very important one in tibia,but how can we get it ,this guide will give you some help to know more ,hope you can like it:

Level 1 ~ 8.9

When you start the game, you will be in the tutorial island. I recommend doing it, because it will get you 150 free exp and a few useful items. If you prefer not, you can skip the tutorial by saying "skip tutorial" to the first npc you see on the island.

When you finish tutorial island, the first thing you should do is kill pigs and sheep and get as many meat as you can. Fill out your cap with it and then go sell them. Remember, just keep repeating this process until you get at least 60 gp. Now, buy a mace (or axe or a sword) with the money you just earned (maces are about 35 gp), a wooden shield (15 gp at shop), and a leather leg (10 gp at shop). After that, in the house north of Tom the Tanner, do the Doublet Quest.

Now, you have the basic equipments. If you are a NG user, go to Al Dee's rats and hunt there (don't forget to use the almost the "almost level 9" script). If you are a free account player, you can go to Al Dee's rats too until you get level 3 and then hunt the bridge north of town (either the bear cave, trolls cave, wolf cave, or the ladder down straight north after getting off the bridge). If you are a premium account player, you can either hunt at the rats on the premium side of Rookgaard or at the trolls tower in the west plain of the premium side.

You can also do the Chain Armor Quest, Legion Helmet Quest, or the Carlin Sword Quest while you are still at Rookgaard, but do not forget to sell them before you leave, as the Isle of Destiny will provide you with free equipments according to the vocation you choose.

Level 9 ~ 20

Free Account:

You can either go to Carlin or Venore, but always make sure that before you go hunting, you have bought Exura and a Dwarven Shield as they are extremely useful and fairly cheap. Personally, I like Venore a little more because it is relatively more safe. Buy a shovel and a rope if you do not have one, as you will need them to go to the Venore Swamp Trolls or the Venore Rotworm Cave. If you went to Carlin, make sure you buy a few health potions on the way and head straight north west to Folda. Remeber, you are only level 9, so hunt only on the surface and the first floor. If you get bored of this place, you can also go to Femurs Hills to hunt goblins and sell the small stones for money or go to Thais for rotworms.

Premium Account:

I suggest going to the Edron Trolls and Goblin Peninsula or the Port Hope swamp trolls as they are both good hunting spots for levels 9 to 20. To reach the Edron Trolls and Goblin Peninsula, go south of DP, into the sewers, head west, then after you get out, head north. Leveling there should not be too hard, and you can also collect the small stones and sell them for a very good price (about 100 for 1k in my world).

After reaching level 10, you can start hunting at Edron Rotworms, Darashia Rotworms, or at level 12 Port Hope Swamp Trolls (beware or lured slimes or terror birds). At level 15, you can start hunting at Larva caves, which is actually a very good source of experience at this level.

Level 20 ~ 35

As of level 20, you should have at least skills of about 40/40 minimum. If you do not, you should train on the places listed in the Level 9 ~ 20 section on full defense. From the money you got from levels 9 to 20, buy a plate set and a level 20 weapon. If you cannot afford a level 20 weapon, buy a decent no-level weapon that has a good Attack/Cost ratio so that when you do have enough money, you will be able to afford a good weapon.

Do the Desert Quest.

Free Account:

Mount Sternum undead first and second floor is probably the best place in Tibia for knights of level 20 to 35. It has a very good exp rate and also a very good gp loot rate. The only problem is that ghouls and skeletons do not drop food, so you would have to bring somes mushrooms. Another way of getting food is to occasionally leave the cave to hunt a few cyclops and loot them. Do not forget to bring health or mana pots, as sometimes there will be lured crypt shamblers or beholders on the run.

Another good place for Free Account knights is the Fibula Rotworm Cave. The exp rate ranges highly, sometimes in the low 5k/h or even reaching a peak of 15k/h. When you are at Fibula, always bring a few parcels, as there is a mailbox beside the entrance (the guild hall), and also some health or mana potions, as this is a common spot for PKers (because it is so far from town).

Premium Account:

At level 20, Premium account users should hunt at the Liberty Bay Rotworm. You will need a rope and shovel, so do not forget to bring them. If you have skills over 50, you can try going to Dworcs, which are located on the shore very south of Port Hope. Their entrances are usually hidden behind trees so just walk around and you will find yourself suddenly in a very dark place. Never forget to bring health or mana pots as they are very important and will keep you alive a lot of times.

Level 35 ~ 50

Wherever you go now, you should always be carrying more than one bp of health and mana pots. They can really save lives. Now, you should have a balance of about 40k. Do the Noble Armor Quest and the Crusader Helmet Quest. Sell the noble armor and helmet and buy a knight set (or a crown set if you can afford it). Also, do not forget to buy a good weapon and a shield, as they are very important too.

Free Account:

Shadowthorn, Dark Cathedral, and Orc Fortress are the best place to get experience point at levels 36 to 50. Shadownthorn would be the easiest, there it is recommended to try that place first (maybe even at level 30). Even though it might be a little difficult and boring to travel there, the exp rate there would sure make the whole trip rather worth it.

If Shadowthorn is not the place for you, you can also visit Dark Cathedral to make a change. Dark Cathedral is located south of Outlaw Camp and is a very popular place. Don't forget to always stay cautious, as lured vampires or giant spiders could always be on your tail.

If you have really high skills, you can also go to Ulderek's Rock, also known as the Orc Fortress. It is located north of Venore and east of Ab'dendriel. Even though the way there can be quite long and frustrating, it is still worth it, as the exp rate can sometimes be as high as 60k per hour. The strongest creatures there are the Orc Warlords and the orc boss Warlord Ruzad. Do not forget to bring a lot of additional health and mana potions; a full spawn in the deeper part of the castle can easily kill a level 60 or even 70 knight. It is recommended to bring AoE runes, like said before, orcs come in packs.

Premium Account:

Premium account users of this level can either stay in Dworcs (see level 20 to 35 section) for cash or go to the Laguna Islands or Chakoyas for exp.

To reach the Laguna Islands, you will need to do the Eleonore Quest. The strongest monster on the island are the tortoises so they should not be very hard.

To kill Chakoyas, you will have to go to the island Inukaya. Chakoyas are not hard, so killing them should not be so hard either. Killing these can give you a good exp rate, as exp rates on killing creatures on this island can get as high as 30k per hour.

Level 50 ~ 70

At this level, it is more fun to level than just bot your characters. Now, take this time to upgrade your equipments and try to make them into a set like Demon Shield (Or Mastermind Shield if you can afford it at your world), a Dragon Scale Mail, and a Crown Leg or Golden Legs. A royal helmet would also be very good.

Free Account:

This part at level 50 is actually a somewhat hard because you are just in the middle of the minimum level requirements. Good hunting places would be too hard, but easy hunting places would give too few exp. If you want to get through this level fast, you can either stay at the Orc Fortress (look at levels 35 to 50 section), go to the Thais Dragon Liar, or hunting around the temple in the Plains Of Havoc.

If you want to go to the Thais Dragon Liar, it is recommended to bring a huge supply of potions as Dragon and especially Dragon Lord's attacks can sometimes be very destructive. A common tactic used by players is to lure the dragon to a spot where it can be killed one on one. Remember, always stay diagonal to a dragon to avoid the unnecessary strong energy beam damage. Also, dragons run away at low health so be careful not to not chase it into a another big dragon spawn.

Another place for Free Account players is the area beside the Temple in the Plains of Havoc. After the winter update of 2006, a bigger spawn of giant spiders have been added. Therefore, to avoid dying, always remember to bring a lot of health and mana potions and have skills of at least 70/70. If you do not have skill of 70/70, it is still okay to hunt there, but killing a giant spider when you meet one would require more time and and more health potions.

Premium Account:

A very good place for this level is Mistrock, but since Mistrock can be quite hard for players under level 60, it is recommended to continue hunting at the Laguna Islands, the Orc Fortress, or the Thais Dragon Liar until you reach level 60.

Mistrock is one of the islands in south west Yalahar and is filled with Cyclops. Hunting here can be quite profitable since there is a mailbox on the island and players will be able to parcel back their loot after each hunt and stay for days before heading back to the main islands for supplies.

Hope this guide can give you some help to make more tibia gold!

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