Tibia fast leveling guide for sorcerers

Published: 28th August 2009
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If you are playing Tibia game,and prepare to have bad magic level or prepare to use loads of resources to raise that magic level. This guide is for those who don't have a blocker, if you do just go hydras or whatever.
Level 8 Once you're out of rookgaard, go to edron, get a wand of vortex and go hunt some rotworms. Buy Light or Find person spell, and a cheap shield like dwarven shield. Use parcels or other blocking items to block the rotworms, so you don't get damaged too much. Make lootbags of swords and maces, and take all worms.

Level 12 At level 12, you should have enough money for energy strike. Your mana should heal faster than you use your wand, so use energy strike to kill rots faster.

Level 13 If there's a person selling the wand of dragonbreath for under shop price (1000gp), buy it, or just buy it from shop since it's not that much. Travel to darashia by carpet, buy intense healing (exura gran), and continue to hunt rotworms there. If there are people buying worms, sell yours, this is just a little way of getting more money.

Level 20 If you can get a team to desert quest, just join, otherwise don't waste your time, and continue to hunt and make lootbags. At this stage, you should have enough money, and try to buy the wand of cosmic energy beforehand.

Level 25 Buy a cheap weapon (Firesword/knight axe/dragon hammer on old worlds, spikesword/barbarian axe/clerical mace on new worlds), and buy the HMM spell. Hunt rotworms and make lootbags and HMMs. If you haven't bought the level 26 wand yet, just buy from npc shop.

Level 26 You should have finished the desert quest by now, if not, make a few more BPs of hmms and sell them, and get enough money for a promotion. If you also have the wand of cosmic energy, this is where you can start to level quicker. Go to a larva cave in ankrahmun, and bring your wand of cosmic energy and wand of dragonbreath. It will always take only 2 hits from the level 26 wand (larvas have 70 hp, and the wand has a minimum damage of 37), so it gives a very good mana:exp ratio. When your mana runs out, however, switch to your wand of dragonbreath, and once you have enough, switch back to the level 26 wand.

Level 28 You should get this stage relatively quickly and have quite a bit of money from the larvas. Try to buy the level 33 wand beforehand, and buy the firewave and summon creature spell.

Level 33 By now, you should have a wand of inferno, spend the remainder of your money on mana fluids, and go to either tarpit tomb/stone tomb/oasis tomb second floor. Skip the first floor of the tombs, by firewaving the weak monsters or so. If you want to reduce your wastes and get around 25% less exp, summon a monk and hunt at the tombs. Else, go around attacking everything with wand + energy strike. Make lootbags of everything you loot that can sell for more than 25 gp. You should find that you gain a little profit.

Level 45 You can start hunting vampires, by using scarab coin to go through teleporter, or hunt at third floor of tarpits. Now this part is about the risk. If you believe you can solo easily, use intense healing whenever you get damaged, and use ultimate healing whenever your hp goes under 200. Lure the monsters 1 by 1 if you do this. If you want to be risk free, summon 1 or 2 Demon skeletons and kill the vampires like this, and you can even go further such as bonebeasts. Also buy invisibility spell

Level 55 Go to cyclopolis in edron, and you can hunt there without summons. Use intense healing, wand and energy strike, and always heal when there is risk of getting killed in 1 hit.

Level 60 If you want, go hunt necromancers, because it won't be a waste. Bring loads of mana fluids and some GFBs, invisible through the demon skeletons and ghosts, and GFB the spawns if there are more than 2 necros there. It shouldn't be much of a risk if there is less than that, you could energy strike and wand combo easily. If you want to reduce waste though, bring some intense healing runes and summon a demon skeleton. You also have a chance to loot boots of haste for some money to powergame loads.

Level 70 Get ultimate explosion spell, and offer to clear djinn quest for some money (20k team charge makes a profit). You can do this for yourself as well. Spend the payment money on mana fluids and bring a few SDs, go up the djinn towers use mana fluids and UE! If the djinns survive just SD them to death. You get experience here and you do the djinn quest, also you loot the items and you don't pay anything. You do it from the party's money. You can do this as much times as you like. Otherwise, go back to hunting necros.

Level 80 You can hunt basically anywhere now, but just go down to deeper tombs, and kill ancient scarabs and giant spiders with exura gran and exori vis. Use exura vita whenever you feel you can get spammed to death.

Level 90 Buy force strike, and you can hunt heroes with it and intense healing. This will get you some loot as well.

Level 110 You can solo hydras now, using energy strike and intense healing. Use UH whenever your HP goes under 500. This is a pretty good way to gain fast exp and loot now.

Hope this guide can help you make more tibia gold,thank you for your reading!

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