Fast leveling guide In Tibia

Published: 06th September 2009
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Tibia fast leveling guide is just a guide for tibia new player ,you can just have a look,hope it can give you some help to get high level!

Level 1
Kill the rats under the caves. Walk around to hunt for rats. Get the torch
under the academy and the rapier under the cave. You can sell dead rats to
Seymour or Tom for a better profit. If you hit points meter turned to red, go
to find Cipfried and say 'heal'.
(From Ramiro Puga) When a Rookie arrives the island, the first thing he
should do is get the doubblet, after that he should get the rapier, then just
mass kill rats until you can buy a wooden shield.

Level 2 - 3
Go out the village. Explore all the places to open up the black areas of the
map. Try to go get the carlin sword, fishing rod, present and backpack under
the Mino Hell. But don't go into that place if there's minotaurs. If you want
to explore the training room, buy the key from Seymour by saying 'buy key'. The
place I suggest for leveling is the wolf cave because it is hard to find. If
you have problems killing wolves, go hunt aroung the field for some snakes.

Level 4 - 5
Training in wolf cave is still recommended. Snakes hunting aren't recommended
since they only give 10 experience points. You may be able to train on orcs and
trolls now. Try going to the orc tower, troll towers or maybe under the Mino
Hell. The training room may be a good place for training too if there's only
you alone in side the training room.

Level 6 - 7
Try go killing skeletons for getting you a mace. Going for the katana and
copper shield is ok while you in this level. It is quite dangerous. Almost
everything in Rookgaard you'll be able to kill. So, training in any places is
ok. But don't to kill rotworms or minotaurs by your own.

Level 8
Go to The Oracle on the second floor of the
academy. You'll have to choose your vocation and your hometown. You still can
stay on Rookgaard but if you are a new player, please go to the main, it'll be
much more fun than staying on Rookgaard. There are more things to explore.

Thank you for your reading ,hope this guide can give you some good help to make more tibia goldand get high level !

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